They were all there . . . the Cops and the Musicians, the Computer Geeks and the Mechanics, the Teenagers and the Geriatrics . . . All with one purpose in mind . . . to see the man who had taken center stage. With guitar pick in hand, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, his favorite blue jeans and his Converse tennis shoes he waited, impish smirk on his face, for the crowd to settle down. It was noisy in the big room. Seating for more than a hundred left standing room only . . . no . . . less, for people were left standing in the halls outside. The place was alive with talk and laughter . . . stories being told of the man, his antics, his love of his friends, family and his music. As the event began, a hush fell over the room as one-by-one people approached the front of the audience and spoke. They spoke of kindness, love and inspiration . . . of humor generosity and giving for this was John Simoneaux’s final gig . . . his wake.

God Bless
Speedy "Dr. Speed" Mercer


If you would like to donate to the John Simoneaux Memorial Scholarship Fund, the address is:

Tech Foundation 
John Simoneaux Memorial Fund
PO POX 3183
Ruston, LA

(Please make checks payable to: John Simoneaux Memorial Fund)

You can also donate right here using the following Donate button!

A limited number of the "Deep Blues" CDs are available!
The ONLY public release of Johnny's music on a 4 song Christian music CD!
Deep Blues CD
11'x17' John Simoneaux Memorial Jam Poster from the 08 jam
A limited full color print of an original painting by local artist Dave Beckler
Johnny Jam 08 Poster
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You can contact the Tech Foundation at 318-255-7590 and ask for Beth or Jennifer


The John Simoneaux Memorial Jam site is dedicated to the late John Simoneaux, a graduate of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA from the Music School with a degree in Classical Guitar. John played in Blues bands playing electric blues from Muddy waters to Jimi Hendrix all across Louisiana, Austin, TX, Sweden and beyond.

The John Simoneaux Memorial Jam is an annual event held at the Sundown Tavern in Ruston, LA by his friends and bandmates and was started in 2000 and we used all the proceeds to create and fund the John Simoneaux Memorial Scholarship. The events organized by Ken Carter of Ruston, LA for the first 15 years along with John and Ken's circle of friends is hugely successful raising enough to fully endow the scholarship for the foreseeable future. The scholarship is for guitarists and is intended for undergraduates only. (No graduate program in music at Tech). One scholarship for an underclassman (preferably a freshman, but a sophomore is possible) and another for an upperclassman (junior/senior).

For the 16th annual jam held in March of 2015, Phillip B. Gilreath took up the HUGE task of organizing and running the jam and did a fantastic job! We look forward to the coming years under Philip's leadership as he is pulling a younger audience and making some small changes to the jam to keep it alive.

There is also a Facebook page devoted to John and the jam here: