15th Annual John Simoneaux Memorial Jam

Saturday Feb 22nd @ Sundown & Ponchatoula's 5 PM - Midnight.

Pre-jam was held Feb 21st @ Sundown 8:30 – Midnight.

It’s a Jam, FOR musicians, BY musicians!

All proceeds went to the Louisiana Tech

John Simoneaux Memorial Fund

Music Scholarship

$1,586.54 collected

14th Annual John Simoneaux Memorial Jam
Was held Saturday Feb. 23th, 2013

We had over 650 people pay at the door this year. The Silent Auction did very well and the advertisers did as usual with us taking in $15,868.50 this year! We took in about the value of the guitar in tickets so we are calling that a success! I will give more details once I have them.


13th Annual John Simoneaux Memorial Jam
Was held Saturday March 17th, 2012

A Brand New Taylor Guitar Solid body Classic single cutaway electric guitar with a list price on Taylor's website of $1,998.00 was raffled off at this year's Johnny Jam thanks to Taylor Guitars and Nathan Ely who put Aaron Dablow at Taylor in contact with Ken!

PS: A special thanks to Matt's Music in Monroe, LA, the local Taylor Distributor who's sponsorship of the Johnny Jam no doubt helped us get this fine instrument!