Dan Lindsey is the winner of the T shirt drawing contest for the 18th annual John Simoneaux Memorial Jam. Congratulations to Dan, he will receive $100.

The Guitar raffle this year is for a Epiphone G400 SG with worn cherry finish. Comes with carrying bag, shoulder strap, stand and pics. Raffle tickets are only $5.00 each!

Epiphone G400 Epiphone G400 Epiphone G400
Q: Who donated it?
A: Phillip B Gilreath - I got the guitar myself.
Q: Where does someone purchase the raffle tickets?
A: Phillip B Gilreath - From me. I keep them on me at all times. I'm usually at The Sundown Tavern on Wednesday evenings or I could me somewhere in Ruston as I work at Ruston Glass right around the corner from there.

The Jam is April 1st this year and we are going to start the jam at a earlier time on Saturday, we're thinking around 2 or 3 o'clock. This will allow for more bands to play and to serve food at a earlier time. Now for Friday there will be a prescheduled band playing on main stage that is not affiliated with the jam however, I have set up the outside area for all of us and we will have a separate bar outside. Feel free to bring your guitar and we can play some live music outside just for us. We will still have to pay a five dollar cover for the inside band that will NOT go to the Johnny Jam fund. If you have any questions please private message me.

Phillip B Gilreath 318-278-9998

Sundown Tavern (318) 255-8028
111 E Park Ave
Ruston LA 71270-4453