1. It's not about you. If you don't understand this, buy a T-Shirt.
  2. When Papa says you're done, you're done. Play fair so everyone gets a chance to play.
  3. Louder isn't better. If you're having trouble managing your volume, we'll manage it for you.
  4. This is a Jam, not an audition.

Basic Jam Etiquette/Rules that also apply at any jam (Shamelessly stolen from Blue Lee Martin):

  1. When you get there, find the jams host to let him know you want to play.
    If he's in the middle of a set, WAIT until he's off stage. DO NOT barge into the mix and shove your gear into a spot that, to you, looks open and you may assume it's 'ok'. IT'S NOT OK! It's intrusive, rude and shows you have no respect. Wait til the band breaks or the host tells you to go ahead. Playing while in the audience waiting to get on stage is equally rude (mostly applies to harp, horn and percussion instruments). Don't do it!
  2. House/Host band plays the first set (last as well in some places) and MOST jams have a signup list, others don't. Figure it out!
  3. TUNE your instrument before you get on stage
  4. Pay attention to the other players so you'll know what's going on.
  5. When you get your nod to take a lead keep it a reasonable length. WAIT for the nod!
  6. Singers and other instrumentalists, do not cut or play over another soloist until they have signaled
    they are ending their solo.
  7. Drummers … please do not adjust the kit. Make do with how the house drums are set up and bring your own sticks! (If you get permission to make a MINOR adjustment like snare height or hi-hat placement AHEAD OF TIME that is a different story as long as you put it back like you found it when you are done!)
  8. When using other artists’ gear, treat equipment with respect. If any damage because of misuse has occurred to any equipment you have borrowed/used, you will be expected to reimburse the owner accordingly.

Let's have fun, make new friends and do a good thing, OK?